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Introduction to Social Media

The world of Social Media is constantly on the rise and that means there are more people to expose to your brand. More opportunities to make sales, build brand awareness and practice a bit of community building. What could be more powerful than speaking directly to your customers and then being able to hear feedback within minutes? Give it a shot and you might just love it.

Why do you need to be social?

Have you ever sat in a crowded room, by yourself? It’s really unpleasant. Nobody knows that you are there or even why you are there. Brands work in a similar way. You have these brilliant platforms to market your brand and have your voice heard at an affordable cost – 24/7. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give you the voice you’ve always wanted. Now you can shout from the rooftops about how wonderful your brand is and how great your products are. After all, why should you be the only one that knows they exist?

What are the cost involved?

The big question – what is this going to cost me? Don’t be too intimidated; we pride ourselves in giving you a quote that will beat anybody else in the market. Now it all comes down to how active you want to be and what services you’d like from us, your costs can start from R2000.00 and up. We handle everything from the community management, content creation, ad campaigns and even your artwork that will draw attention to your content.

What tools are available to me?

Ok, all of this social media talk is great but how are you going to get the most out of your hard earned Rands? Simple. You need to use your best tool and luckily for you, that’s The Space Between. We manage the entire process for you. We utilize tools like Sprout Social which let’s us schedule your content at optimal times, view the demographics of your target markets and perform keyword listening to keep on eye

on your competition and on what people are saying about your brand. Every month, we supply you with a report and our advice on how we’re going to push your brand to new heights next month. Our Social Media Managers will be glad to answer all of your questions and work with you to grow your brand and the voice of your brand.

  • Brief

  • Conceptulise

  • Design

  • Development

  • Execution

How do we get started?

All we need is a written brief from you and a meeting to discuss what you’d like. From there, you’ll receive a quote that you can either sign and send back to us or you will be able to digitally accept using our online invoicing system and a unique link that we’ll send to you.

Contact us for a quote!

Once we’ve received your deposit, we begin creating the content plan and develop your space between the rest of the competition.