Introduction to Copywriting

Copywriting is key in communication. Without it, you’re missing a vital part of your brand. Having the correct tone and wording can make all the difference between selling your product or just being passed over by your customers.

As a business owner you know that creating a ‘’buzz’’ for your brand is the number one goal; because the golden rule is; the greater the buzz the greater the buy. That’s where your marketing agency comes into play. An enormous component in creating superior marketing as well as advertising relies enormously on the expertise of copywriters. You’d be surprised by the number of people that don’t know what a seasoned copywriter does, and the value of the copywriter’s skills for a business. So ill jump straight into it:

Why do you need an copy?

A copywriter is someone that writes copy for advertising or marketing. They package ideas into powerful messages by stringing words into the right form; which are meant to capture the mind of the targeted audience while also promoting attention. This skill could be utilised a number of ways; namely:

– Web Content
– News Releases
– Articles
-Advertising Copy
– Brochures (collateral material, used in Direct Mail, Point of Sale, etc.)
– Titles
– Slogans
– Speeches
– Marketing/Sales Letters
– Business and Marketing Plans
– Scripts (for radio and tv ads, and advertorials, screen plays etc.)
– Fax, Email, Voicemail and Flyer messages
– Training Manuals
– Creative ideas/ concepts

We all know that first impressions in a business can either make or break your chances of attaining new clients, especially in a society where information is instant. Now that online marketing and SEO are becoming increasingly significant, good copywriting has become more important than ever. There is an enormous distinction between being able to write, and being able to write well, and if you want your marketing efforts to be successful then good copywriting is essential.

Social media content creation
Content creation and scripting
Slogans and marketing material

Your copy is important for two specific reasons:

– To help people form a good impression about your business;
-To interest them enough to keep reading and hold their attention.

The longer people stick around and read about what you have to offer, the more likely they’ll grow to trust you enough to become customers. This aspect of the business should not be left aside since written copy forms literally every written aspect of the business, from the brochures and newsletters to social media and your website; so it is important to get it done right!

Make sure to look for a marketing agency that understands your business needs. They will be responsible for your content, while generating the right kind of appeal that encapsulates your brands vision; because getting it right means getting heard by the right people in the right media, in the right way.

So remember:

‘’good writing is the beginning of great communication” -anonymous

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