Apps for Tanning Shops

Expertly designed, passionately crafted using incredible technology and trusted by thousands of businesses world wide.

Client Loyalty Scheme

Replace tanning salon loyalty cards or offer a brand new loyalty scheme for your tanning customers.

Direct Tanning Salon Marketing with Push

Reduce your SMS marketing costs with free and unobtrusive push messages that customers want to receive.

Integrate Online Booking For Tanning Salons

Display your price list and accept booking requests.

Simple App Management

Use powerful analytics and reports to monitor the success of your tanning salon app and prove marketing strategy. See how many calls, bookings and referrals you receive.

Gain Customers with Social Media Marketing

Encourage clients to recommend you via Facebook and Twitter. Gain likes, followers, app downloads and grow your tanning salon business.

Incredible Tanning Salon App Features

Our tanning salon apps come equipped with features your customers will love and that you will wonder how you ever did without.